Meet Gerda

Hello, I am so glad that you are visiting our website today, and yes if you are curious about what we are about we are transforming life’s one session at a time. We all get the feeling that there must be more to life than our current situation, everybody is searching for their own purpose and sometimes we feel stuck, unmotivated, unworthy, overwhelmed and depressed, well I have good news for you, you deserve a life full of happiness, courage, creativity, purpose, self love and enjoy the journey to get to your goals. I am just an ordinary person that went through years of self-doubt, emotional abuse, work stress and battled anxiety and depression to a point that I went 70% blind due to my depression, that was my bodies way to show me that something must change or my system will shut down.

That was a huge wake-up call, going from a business woman and very independent to totally dependent for everything even normal day-to-day tasks like cleaning, cooking and even driving was out of the question. I went from one Eye Specialist to another and got the same feedback, “your problem is stress related, get your depression under control, change your lifestyle, stop pushing yourself over your own limits….. It is ok not to be ok! Being a perfectionist and OCD that did not went off well with me. I stopped living and withdrew from the world for 18 months mostly because I could not drive and function like I use to. Then one day I came across a Life Transformation Coach. I was immediately interested to know more, I was in training myself for more than 20 years. I as born in Pretoria and we moved to Kempton Park where I completed my school education. I had a good stable childhood but was brought up in an extremely strict environment. I enjoyed being around people from a young age maybe because I was the youngest of 3 children, 6 years younger than my sister and 14 years younger than my brother so I had to keep myself busy, and my goodness, I was a busy body always creating and designing. I excelled in school and athletics, school plays and participate in the SA gymnastics team. I always loved sports, fitness and wellness but my big passion was people and animals. I started my career as a Typist at the South African Airways and worked my way up the corporate ladder. Got married, welcomed a beautiful son into the world, completed my studies in Marketing and by 1998 I was appointed as the Group Marketing Manager at an IT company. It was there that I have discovered the world of training, coaching and speaking to a large audience. I loved it from the start. In my 30 years of working experience I had trained in various industries, Sales and Marketing, Business Coaching, Security Training for Hotels, Casino’s and Health and Safety. There was just something about training that made me tick, unbeknownst that coaching will become my passion and mission one day. All of the above did not come easily, there was a lot of emotional baggage, always second guessing myself, am I good enough, always trying to proof something, to be recognized by my parents, always pushing the bar just a little bit higher, spread myself just a little thinner. I though I did well, but my body did not think so.. When I went to my life saving Transformation Course, I only then realized how bad I was physically and emotionally by keeping everything bottled up. My emotions, feelings, perceptions, believes and struggles it was just easier to ignore the warning signs. I was falling into this deep depression and I only realized it when it was to late. After my Transformation Course, my coach and I mapped out a complete new life destination for me, what I want to do with my life what is my goals and dreams. We got rid of all my limiting beliefs and self-doubt, and session by session I got back on track, with a new set of believes, a clear vision and I picked myself up and today I am creating my own destiny. My personal coach gave me the necessary tools and techniques to take control of my life. With my new way of life my eye-sight improved significantly within 3 months, that I was able to get glasses to read with and was able to start driving again. After completing my course I attended the Transformation Coaching Course to become a Certified Life Coach. I believe that although we go through a lot in our life time, if you can learn from it, leave behind the bad, acknowledge it, treasure the good, it empowers you to help others to master their lives in all aspects, whether it is your relationships, career, health, creativity and spiritually. The biggest breakthrough you can have is to master your life first, be your own biggest supporter so that you have the capability to help others. Remember you are good enough and worthy and I would be honoured to coach you to discover your true potential. I am looking forward to meet you Your Personal Life Coach Gerda Bezuidenhout