Is your life in pieces?

It is very common these days to feel like we are all over the place.

We are torn in all directions, with daily responsibilities – being a good spouse, mother / father, care-taker, productive and positive employee rushing from one place to another and by the end of the day we feel so exhausted and drained that we can barely function, then we must face our last day shift, of checking homework, making dinner, cleaning up and tomorrow you do it all over again. Day in and day out that is our routine for many years.

There is no “me” time, no time to take care of ourselves because we are so busy taking care of everybody else, we operate on auto-pilot, like a well oiled machines and then all of a sudden we have a complete breakdown. Out of nowhere, you feel absolutely miserable, unhappy, you feel your life is in pieces – What now?

You look in the mirror and you are dumbstruck by the stranger looking back at you – Who is this ? What happened to her ?

Well, the truth is that we were all brought up with a global or general set of “rules”, pressed upon is from our parents, teachers, people in general and society. That shapes us on how we perceive things and how we think about things.

Here’s a few examples of “rules” and the impact it has on our life's:

  1. Just do what you are told - Feeling of unworthy – you can’t think for yourself
  2. Keep quite and behave yourself - Feeling anxious, fear and nervous
  3. We don’t want to listen to your stories - Feeling rejected and hurt, your pain does not matter
  4. Take it like a man - Suppress your emotions and feelings
  5. You are not as good as…. - Feeling like a failure, not good enough, hopeless, wantingness

We have been told all the “you should” and “you must” and how to behave ourselves to be socially excepted but nobody taught us how to guard our minds against all the daily rejections, influences and opinions of other people. Nobody told us how to function and manage our mental and emotional well-being, how to make sense and how to process information to cope in such a demanding world.

Human kind is rich in knowledge “what to do” but extremely poor in knowledge on how it effects us mentally and emotionally. People are living there life's with old technology / maps that at the end of the day leaves us empty and hopeless, because we keep on doing the same things.


Life Transformation Coaching

Today we understand how important emotional wellness is. You can change your life and enjoy

a fulfilling and meaningful life, free of old emotional baggage, your old limiting believes, you

can create your own destiny and do life on your own terms.


Nobody need fixing because you are not broken !! You have the power to change your life.